Making a Difference


The owners of Unicus Homes Luke and Rachel Smith are passionate about helping to end the injustice for children across the globe who are struggling to survive each day.


Unicus Homes is committed to making a difference to the lives of others. Through Compassion we proudly sponsor children from around the world.


Please have a read below and see how we are making a diiference in the lives of others.


Our sponsorship helps to provide:

  • Toilets, hygiene and clean water - including wells and water purification systems.
  • Disaster relief following a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood.
  • Education and training programs for parents of sponsored children.
  • Emergency medical care and/or surgery.
  • Extra nutritional support where necessary.
  • Extra support for orphans and highly vulnerable children.
  • HIV/AIDS initiatives—including education, prevention and treatment.
  • Income generation for parents.
  • Infrastructure such as improvement to child development centres.
  • Immunisations and malaria-prevention activities.
  • Support for registered children not yet sponsored.
  • Vocational training and non-formal education.


Poverty itself is an injustice, but this injustice is at its worst when it’s against children.


Around the world there are:

  • 1.1 billion children who live in poverty
  • 200 million children under five who are chronically undernourished or whose growth has been stunted
  • 22,000 children under five who die every day from diseases and complications that are mostly preventable.


Children should not be subject to hard labour at such a tender age; they are not created to run a household before they have started school. They should not have to worry about where their next meal will come from - or if they will get a meal at all. And they should never have to go to bed early in an attempt to forget their hunger pains.