After walking through countless display homes and reviewing the real cost (not just the advertised price) of homes we were as confused and bemused as ever.  Not only could we not find the design we wanted but there were so many hidden extras that literally added hundreds of thousands to the bottom line.


We had seen a few Unicus homes over the years spring up in our neighbourhood and were impressed with the designs and finishes that each of these homes had.  


From the moment we sat down with Luke Smith and he asked us what exactly we wanted in our home we knew that Unicus was offering something very special that other builders simply weren't offering.  Rough sketches were sent back and forth with our thoughts and modifications pencilled in.  When I showed my wife the final drawing all she could say was "Oh my goodness, that’s our new home".


Luke stepped us through each phase of the building process giving timely helpful advice throughout that clearly wasn't being driven by a price point or profit mentality.  If we had questions, issues or changes Luke was always available to chat with.  It is impossible to put a price on the value of having that direct communication with the builder of your new home not just an employee, representative or sub-contractor of the building corporation.


Unicus Homes also provided advice and assistance with things beyond just the building of the home like driveways, retaining walls, fences, clothes lines where we saw gardens, laws etc.  I've watched many homes be built around ours being left with massive landscaping challenges because these questions weren't addressed when it was simplest (and cheapest) to do so.


The final product is truly remarkable, the finish and attention to detail is second to none.  Any issues that we found after moving in were attended to quickly with no fuss.  Unicus Homes have been a delight to work with throughout the entire process.


If I were to build again would I use Unicus homes? Without hesitation. There can be no greater recommendation of a building company than to have return business.


There are many builders out there who can build you a home, but as I said to Luke when he handed over the keys "…you've not just delivered me a new home you have delivered a lifelong dream."


Shane and Jen Wootton



Unicus Commercial built The Coffee Club Nepean River in early 2009. It remains the biggest stand alone Cafe Bar Restaurant in The Coffee Club network and is considered its flagship store.


Not only did Luke have tight timeframes to work to, he also had to battle the minefield of the council approval process and work within the guidelines of franchise expectations. His past experiences in building franchise stores proved invaluable on this project.


Luke's team were fantastic to work with and as a result of having true craftsman on site the end product far exceeded our expectations.


Thankyou Unicus


Aaron Jack


The Coffee Club - Nepean River



During our search for a builder to take on board a project that required a high level of expertise and a pedantic approach to workmanship, we were pleased to discover Unicus Homes. We found that they were well structured and flexible enough to satisfy any changes or additions that we had requested, which can sometimes be imperative when having your own architecturally designed home constructed.


Our project was treated as a complete turn-key operation, from the planning / architectural stages, through to construction, landscaping, high end retaining, and pool works. It was a job that we feel required a supreme support service through quality tradesman, which Unicus Homes took on board by utilising their long term team. 


Many people have expressed positive remarks on our home, ranging from acquaintances and passers-by, to trade professionals. We are therefore inclined to recommend their services to anyone who is willing to establish their dream home, provided that quality, flexibility and friendly communication forms part of their servicing criteria.


Chris & Laura



Dear Luke,


We love our new home; everything is exactly what we wanted. At all times we felt very relaxed and new that we were in very capable and professional hands. Communication with you throughout the building process was excellent and you made all the steps very stress free. Thank you for the great job that you did on our beautiful home. If we are ever to build again we will definitely be building with you.


Craig and Belinda Grah



We were recommended Unicus Homes by a close friend of ours who had just had their home designed and build by Unicus Homes. Our friend spoke nothing but praise for this building company so we thought that we would make contact and see what they had to offer.


From the initial meeting we felt very comfortable and always felt that Unicus Homes was very capable of constructing the kind of home that we wanted. We had a custom home designed and constructed and I can truly say that this building company had every aspect of the design, DA lodgement and construction covered.  A must for our home was quality and that is exactly what Unicus Homes offers. We had one on one contact and communication with Luke Smith who is the licenced builder and owner of the company as well as contact and communication with the entire team which we found to be very helpful and supportive.


Unicus Homes we thankyou for our amazing new home, your commitment to our project and for delivering our home the way you said you would.


Rachel Ann



Our family first moved to Leonay in 1991 and we bought a second hand house that we lived in for 15 years before selling up and moving to New Zealand to live. When we came back to Australia in 2009 we had every intention of moving closer to the city but with our many friends still living in the area it was impossible for us to live anywhere else. So began the search for a house as we rented in the local area. We simply could not find what we wanted and made the decision to find a knock-down and build a new house.


We did as most people do and went to the many display homes only to discover that the “price is really not the price” and the step up from what looked like a very reasonably priced house to something close to show home quality was almost double – everything seemed to be an optional extra! During our search we saw that Unicus Homes were building a number of homes in the local area and we decided to contact Luke to discuss options for an architecturally designed house.


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Luke through the entire process from getting our very rough ideas of a house design based on our lifestyle to walking in the front door with absolutely everything complete, including all of the landscaping, driveways, retaining walls – the lot. You often hear of the horror stories associated with building a new house, well this was the exact opposite.


Luke and his dad Frank provided a level of personal service and care that could not possibly be matched by a project home builder. The attention to detail, the quality of the fittings and fixtures and the care taken to really listen to what we wanted and make changes to accommodate those ideas made the whole building process for us an absolute pleasure.


We have been in our new home now for over a year and the after sales service for any small issue was attended to immediately and without a moment’s hesitation to set it right. We could not have had a better building experience and I would definitely recommend Unicus homes to any prospective builder who wants personal service, unrivalled quality and a team that really delivered a turnkey solution for us at a very affordable price. If we were to build again, we would use Unicus Homes.


Darrell & Sylvie



After purchasing a dream block of land I had to find a builder who could deliver a house befitting the magnificent site. Unicus Homes was a referral from a girlfriend who attends Church with Luke Smith.  Immediately I knew Luke would be honest and ethical which was the main reason I choose Unicus Homes to build my house.


The home is a custom built home and my brief to the architect was “let there be light” as I don’t like dark homes.  I have these big beautiful windows on the home making the most of the homes position on the block and a clever use of natural light. An important issue was the timely building of the home as I was doing a knock down and rebuild. Luke said my home would take around 9 months to build. However when I built we had an enormous amount of rain so to be in the home within 10 months was fantastic given the weather conditions at the time.


I was particularly impressed by some of Luke’s tradesman especially the brickie Rob.  The bricks are sandstock and Rob and his team laid the bricks so carefully that the finished product just looks fantastic.  The roofers and tilers were also top quality tradespeople. I have had numerous comments on the bathrooms and tiles.


I was impressed by how Luke was always happy to offer his opinion on what would look best without forcing his ideas on you.  Furthermore the quality of a Unicus Home is far superior to project homes and there is certainly more flexibility with choice also. My contract with Luke included tiles, carpets and air conditioning so this helped to make it easier to budget.  The home has some lovely features like the coffered ceilings and recesses for TVs giving it a quality look and feel.


Thank you to Luke and your team for delivering me a magnificent home and in a timely manner.





When we decided to build our dream home we asked around for recommendations of a designer and builder. We had heard good things about Unicus and when our designer also recommended them it seemed like an ideal fit.


At the first meeting the stage was set when I said I wanted to be involved throughout the process and Luke said he fully expected as much – “it was our home”. The end result is a house I believe we are all proud of which I feel is a complete expression of who we are and how we want to live. We really have our “dream “home.


James and Donna 



Passionate, Professional, Outstanding! This is how I answer the question when asked about the people that built my home. From day one I knew I was with a building company that would deliver what I was after.  My new home is fabulous and I couldn’t have asked for a better result. 


Rodger Klem 



My Husband and I want to thank you Unicus Homes for all that you've done for us in regards to our new home. We love it and so do the Kids! 


Moving into a new home has been a dream for us for many years, you have made this transition an easy one. As we have told you before, we fell in love with this home the moment we walked in the front door. After living here a month we feel the same way. The standards of finishes to our home are amazing and the small details make our home even more beautiful. We continue to discover new things that we love about our home and the surroundings every day.


Thank you Unicus 



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