The Unicus Homes Difference

Personalised customer service

We believe in good old fashioned value for money as well as good old fashioned customer service. When building your new home with Unicus you are not simply a number in a large collection of many, you are our valued customer who we are committed to building and providing a quality constructed family home. 


We are a family owned and operated building company who value personalised customer service, our aim is to make building your new home as enjoyable and stress free as possible. 


You have direct access to all of the Unicus team at any time you require including the owner of the company Luke Smith. Luke is your main point of contact and will look after your home from start to finish. “Good old fashioned customer service, the way it should be”


Fixed price contract

At Unicus Homes the total construction costs for your new home are calculated and provided to you from the very beginning. You can enjoy piece of mind knowing everything is included and you will never have to worry about hidden extras or project cost blowouts. 


Start time guarantee

We are committed to start your home from the signing of the contracts. Our policy of treating all home sizes and contract prices as equal , as well as not overstretching our staff, tradespeople and suppliers ensures a locked in start date. 


Build and finish time guarantee

We are committed to build and deliver your new home to you and your family on time. From the very begging in the planning stage the construction timeframes for your home are calculated. Our timeframe system is used continually throughout construction ensuring you move into your home on time. This gives you the confidence to plan ahead and be ready to move into your new Unicus home when promised. 


Construction process

This is an exciting time for you, work has now begun on your new Unicus home. Throughout this process we understand that you may have questions about your new home. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have or any information you may require. This is your new home and we are here to make the construction process as simple and stress free as possible.


You will be continually updated with the progress of your new home, detailing what stage your home is up to as well as informing you of the up and coming stages that we have planned.


You are also invited and welcome to visit your new home throughout the construction process by appointment with one of our team, here you can view the progress for yourself.


No gimmicks or hidden costs

One of the oldest tricks for the builder is gimmicks and hidden costs. Sometimes building your home can become so confusing and frustrating that you have no idea what’s included and what isn’t, or even what you will end up with.


Unicus Homes will not use this strategy of confusion to gain work. We believe in being up front and honest with all of our inclusions and pricing from the start. We will not leave out required works or items to make the build price appear cheaper.  


We are experienced at what we do and know what is required for your build; we include all required works from the start and believe it is our responsibility to help you understand each step.


You are our customer of whom we are committed to providing a well-built quality home on time and on budget, and you are main stream of advertising.