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Custom Designer Homes

Unicus Homes is a professional custom home building company. We have a passion to build fine quality constructed designer homes and provide a complete service that creates intelligent, cost effective and site specific designs making use of premium materials and practical construction options for your new home.

Unicus can assist with a vast range of custom home designs and construction from the period-styled homes through to the ultra-modern and everything in between. We offer a large range of options and inclusions that are tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

We customise our homes to work for any site, be it a flat square block, a sloping angular block or large acreage allotment, each Unicus custom home is designed specifically for the portion of land it is being built on and therefor lends itself to that land and its location.

Concept Designs

You may have a particular concept in mind, or you may require help to develop a beautiful home that is reflective of your personality and lifestyle. We offer you a service that will customise your home around your lifestyle and budget requirements and we give you our commitment to take you through each stage step by step. We can also build off plans that you may have already had designed and can work with you, your architect or your project manager.

Unicus offers a flexible and detailed service that will manage all aspects of the building process to the highest possible standards. This service includes working with local councils, initial concepts and design through to approvals and the construction of your new Unicus custom built home.

Custom Interiors

Interior Decorating and Colour Service

When building a custom home with Unicus we provide you with a comprehensive colour selection service offering you opportunity to customise your new home.

We can also provide you with an interior decorating service that can go into depth with all of your household selections ensuring a beautifully finished home.

“This is your home and it should represent the personality of you and your family”

At Unicus our experienced consultants will offer professional advice on products, finishes and colour options as well as guide you through your selections making your colour, styling and theme selection process both easy and enjoyable.

Unicus Homes
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At Unicus homes we have developed an outstanding reputation in the industry by building quality constructed custom designer homes. This is something that we are extremely proud of and are committed to achieving for every home we build.
Unicus Six Steps

Six Simple Steps

Our Six Simple Steps will have you in your new custom built home sooner. There is no need for time delays in getting your new Unicus custom home underway. Our process ensures an effective design that reflects your requirements and budget, as well as simplifying the process making building your dream home enjoyable.

Our first consultation is in our office. Please bring with you any ideas you may have, pictures, sketches etc. land/site documentation. We will discuss things such as: 

  • Lifestyle requirements
  • Style and design of your new home
  • Land size/requirements
  • Go over wanted and needed inclusions
  • The feasibility of your build and your budget

Within the next few days after our first consultation an estimated costing for your new Unicus Home is calculated and presented to you.

Once you have received your estimated construction price based on our discussions and you are satisfied to proceed, Unicus will then:

  • Arrange a site contour survey (if this isn’t already done)
  • Arrange site soil testing (if this isn’t already done)
  • Obtain planning and zoning requirements for your site
  • Have informal discussions with council if required

Now that the survey and soil testing is complete and the project design has been discussed with our designer we now meet on site and we:

  • Listen to what you would like to achieve in relation to your home and land
  • Discuss your build in relation to your land shape, size, slope, views etc. 
  • Discuss your home position and location on your land
  • Give ideas and suggestions for what will work best
  • Take into consideration neighbouring aspects or restrictions

From this meeting our builder and designer will then work together and begin discussing ideas and the plan for the design ensuring that all of your requirements are met as well as ensuring that your building budget is achieved.

Now that we have had our on-site meeting and we all have a full understanding, the design begins. This consists of:

  • Meeting in our office with our designer and builder
  • Going over the design requirements and inclusions together
  • Suggestions and advice from our team
  • Discussing and finalising inclusions

The concept design begins on your new home and once completed the design is presented for you to go over and review. We then discuss:

  • Any changes and alterations to the design
  • Discuss any further ideas or inclusions to the design

On your approval the final design is completed and a formal Tender with documented inclusions is prepared and presented to you for your approval

On your acceptance of our formal tender we prepare and submit the development application. This consists of:

  • Preparing detailed application drawings
  • Gaining all required reports and documentation 
  • Select external material finishes and colours (required for DA)
  • Sign the building contract

Submit your development application to the local council authority for building approval

Now that we have gained the building approval we:

  • Prepare detailed construction drawings for your home
  • Prepare a full set of engineer details for the structural elements of your home
  • Obtain the construction certificate

You are then invited to site to be a part of this exciting stage. Earth works commence and the construction of your new Unicus Home begins.

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At Unicus homes we have developed an outstanding reputation in the industry by building quality constructed custom designer homes. This is something that we are extremely proud of and are committed to achieving for every home we build.

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