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Luke Smith

Owner and director of Unicus Homes

unicus Quality Assurance

At Unicus homes we have developed an outstanding reputation in the industry by building quality constructed custom designer homes. This is something that we are extremely proud of and are committed to achieving for every home we build.

When building with Unicus Homes be assured that every single tradesperson and craftsperson working on your home is fully licensed and undertaking the work that they are licenced to do. The Unicus Team of tradespeople take pride in their work. They are a long term team and have worked together for many years, this camaraderie and familiarity proves very effective in constructing quality homes.

Unicus Homes is in a great position as we are large enough to have very good buying power ensuring value for money yet small enough that we can see to it that your home has the attention it deserves. At Unicus we will only commit to building a certain number of homes per year ensuring that every home we build is managed and supervised correctly.

We believe in the “tried and tested” method and over the many years of constructing homes we have partnered and formed relationships with the top brand name products that you know and trust. This quality of product inclusions is shown throughout every Unicus Home.  

Every Unicus Home is supervised by a qualified supervisor on site, not only that but I myself being the licenced builder of the company also supervise every home. I don’t believe in taking on more work than our construction team can manage and I work hand in hand with my supervisory team and tradespeople ensuring that every aspect of your build is covered. All of the structural elements of your home are designed as well as site inspected by an independent qualified and licenced engineer ensuring all works are constructed as per the approved design.

Every Unicus home before handover is fully inspected by our team and every area of your home covered, from the smallest details to the largest. We then invite you to come and walk through and inspect the quality your home. Our aim is to exceed your highest expectations.

When I was a boy growing up my father would always say to me:

“If you’re going to take the time to do something then take the time to do it properly”

These words from my father have stuck with me all my life and this is the very principle I apply in my building company today.

Who We Are

Unicus Homes is a family owned and operated building company. We believe in good old fashioned value for money and personalised customer service that is second to none. We have a large building envelope from The Blue Mountains, Western Sydney and The Hills District to The Eastern Suburbs and The Northern Beaches and down as far as Bowral.

We have a passion to build fine quality constructed homes covering every aspect of every build.

We are committed to you, ensuring that we provide you with a well-designed and quality constructed home fitting in with your family and lifestyle requirements.

We believe your building experience should be enjoyable and rewarding and our aim is to deliver you your new home and to exceed your highest expectations.

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